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Sales procedure

1. You offer your ship for sale at GTS. You can do this by clicking on the next link or by clicking the button on the head page: Sell your ship, click here to see more!'. You can fill in hereafter the data of your ship.


2. An employee of GTS translates these data and ensures that within some days your ship entirely has been placed on the Internet sites (Dutch), (English) and (Rumanian).


3. You get an affirmative of this by tel. or e-mail from the same employee.


4. GTS advertise in inland - and foreign media.


5. The potential purchaser communicates himself at GTS with interest for your ship. You are informed about this by GTS.


6. Potential purchaser gets required data which will be supplied by GTS.


7. Visit by potential purchaser to the ship.


8. Negotiations concerning price and other supply conditions.


9. Process accompaniment by an employee of GTS.


10. Pass at the notary. Employees GTS ensure further run.