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GTS or Gensta Trading & Shipping Ltd, is a venture which aims at the broking in all kinds of types of inland vessels. Within Gensta Trading & Shipping are 4 provided employees daily active to make any contribution at the establishing of sales and purchases of ship to the inland market or any other foreign countries. Contribution which exists from: Marketing ships, professional advice and conciliation, contracts essays, accompaniment sale process, export of ships, etc..

For every inland shipping entrepreneur who wants to buy a ship, GTS try to generate an as big as possible offer. On the other hand GTS will try, for every inland shipping entrepreneur who wants to sell a ship, an as big as possible consuming market to reach. For this reason GTS, in several Eastern-European countries, have agents which for GTS and its customers can be arranged as an intermediate action. Also GTS advertises frequently in internal and foreign media. Because of this the offered ships are offered in several languages.

Furthermore GTS characterise themselves for openness and reliability in the ambulatory with customers as well as in the cooperation with colleague shipbrokers. Concerning this the employees of GTS cooperate with other brokers to give their customer a complete and the most carefully possible answer on their aim. Because the GTS-shipbrokers understand: Every customer is unique and every customer has its own wish.

If you are interested, you may contact us without any engagement. You can find our contact data on the contact page .